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Larry June 5 2017

Deep Tissue Great deep tissue massage! I'll be back.

Mike D June 5 2017

Victor is great! I Had a second massage by Victor today and it was perfect. He asks questions prior to starting and tailors the massage to your needs. Definitely the best massage I've had in Indy. I highly recommend him.

October 5 2016

Great massage This was my first massage. The hour felt much longer than an hour... in a good way. He did a great job. I received the deep tissue massage and it was well worth it!

Rich H June 21 2016

Best Massage in Indy Victor has one of the best overall massages I have ever had. Long strokes, firm pressure, attention to areas that need more work. He did it all and he did it well. I believe he ended up combining some different massage techniques to meet my needs. Perhaps a bit deep tissue, a bit sports massage? Whatever it was pure bliss and I didn't want it to end. I booked a 60-minute massage because it was my first time here. Next time...and believe me...there will be a next time....we're going for a full 90 minutes. Honestly, I can not say enough good things about Victor and his practice. If you're looking for a massage therapist that knows his stuff...give Victor a try. You owe it to yourself!

william w December 3 2016

Awesome Massage Therapist When I went to see Victor I had low expectations because of poor experiences with other massage therapists. As it turns out, Victor knows his stuff and was able to truly help me. His ability to loosen up my upper body and provide relief to my shoulder by stretching and taking it through range of motion was exactly what I needed and something that no massage therapist had ever come close to. I highly recommend him.

Elise M June 22 2016

AMAZING I would highly suggest Victor to anyone - I felt so great during and after. He is great at what he does!

Michael R October 4 2016

Massage First appt w/Victor for a sports massage. Professional, clean & comfortable environment. He explained each process as he was massaging. He was talkative to the degree I spoke (which was a lot). Good sense of humor. I would recommend him to anyone and I plan a return visit.

Joel C August 12 2016

Rejuvenating!!! Amazing job. Had tension in shoulders and neck and now feel like a new person. Wish I did it sooner.

Jim R April 21 2016

Magic Hands! I went in with little to no great expectations. What a delight to find out that Victor is the best around!!AND he takes the time to find out what exactly is needed--he's all about YOU and it's tremendous!!!Keep up the fabulous work, Mr. Reyes.

Beth S March 2 2016

Great massage Had a great experience with Victor. He stretched all my muscles and joints and I felt very relaxed at the end. Plan to schedule again soon.

Suzy T June 22 2016

Skilled Professional If you're looking for a highly skilled professional massage therapist who can pinpoint muscle attachments and apply even pressure throughout, come to this practice. Victor also adds enjoyable touches like essential oil and hot towels on back, feet, and neck to add to the experience of therapeutic care.

Caroline P July 16 2015

good great

Ryan F January 15 2016

Great service! My 90 min massage was relaxing and therapeutic. Victor is highly recommended!

Matthew N July 26 2016

Wonderful experience This was a great massage. I felt wonderful after it, and now, days later, I feel wonderful, as well. Very thorough and enjoyable.

Sue O November 3 2015

Massage - Victor Victor was able to quickly identify the areas of tightness in my hip and calves. I am happily running again and diligent with the home exercises suggested by Victor. I plan to return to regular massages now that I see and feel the difference in my body. Thank you!

Heather j July 15 2015

Great massage!! I purchased a groupon to Body and Soul massage and had a very positive experience. It was easy to schedule, and he was very timely. Upon my arrival, I was greeted and had a brief consultation about my needs and preferences. Victor was super professional and everything was very clean and sanitary, which is extremely important to me. Overall, I was very impressed with the experience and will be referring other to him as well.

September 1 2015

very professional Redeemed a Groupon for this massage and was very impressed with how professional Victor was. Would definitely return.

Michaelangelo M July 3 2015

Massage with Victor Simply proficient and relaxing

David B August 12 2015

Massage review Great Massage!! Environment was relaxing. Massage covered all my muscles and joints. Included great stretching. Would highly recommend Victor.

Tammy D July 9 2015

Great Massage I purchased this massage via Groupon and can say it was money well spent. Victor was very accommodating to my schedule when I called to schedule. When I arrived we discussed any problem areas that I have and where I would like him to focus and how much pressure I would like him to use. I do Crossfit so I asked him to focus on my upper body and shoulders. He used the right amount of pressure and worked out all my knots between my shoulders. When he moved to the lower body he stretched out my tight legs from Crossfit the day before. When the massage was over I was in heaven as my body felt relaxed and relieved from all the tension I was holding in both my upper and lower body. Victor did mention that I was extremely tight on the left side of my body and he did focus a little more on that side. I will be going back to see Victor in the future!! Thanks Victor!

Tamara G July 7 2016

Victor Victor does amazing work. I am so invigorated after the massage.

Nikita H September 2 2015

Great work Victor's work is inspiring to a troubled body

Jason R August 25 2015

Massage I had a massage by Victor recently. The location was easy to find and atmosphere was soothing and pleasant. Victor was very courteous and professional. The massage was just the right amount of pressure. I left feeling refreshed and revived!

Brinna R July 6 2015

GroupOn purchase INCREDIBLE. I felt like my body was completely re-energized. The circular movements stretching out my limbs during the massage itself were amazing. I have never experienced a massage like this one. All levels of pressure done simultaneously through each area of focus on the body. The control around stretching and massaging my neck area relieved all my tension and allowed me to truly relax. I left the appointment in awe, I will definitely be returning in the near future, amazing job.

August 4 2015

Great Message Victor was thorough, and his techniques effective. They seemed different and more all-encompassing of muscles than previous messages elsewhere. Thanks Victor!

Janelle W June 10 2015

Full Body Massage Full body Massage

Great massage June 9 2015

Massage Excellent job in finding the trouble areas!

Chloe N July 6 2015

Outstanding Victor did a great job! After completing a half ironman and now training for a marathon, he knew exactly what I needed!

Kathleen H February 13 2015

90 minute massage review I had a fantastic 90 minute massage with Victor. He was very respectful, knowledgable of different kinds of massage, and I left feeling happier and healthier. I recommend anyone that needs a massage to go to Body Soul Massage Therapy!

June 9 2015

Great massage! Wonderfully relaxing and thorough massage!

TG September 22 2015

Excellent It was very relaxing. I would highly recommend.

Montell J June 25 2015

AWESOME!!!! Very professional environment. The massage was excellent!

Dawn M July 10 2015

Wonderful!! It was a wonderful massage!! Thank you so much!!

Sharon B June 18 2015

Massage with Victor I had my first massage with Victor on 6/15 that I purchased through Groupon.Victor gave a very through, professional massage. I will return for additional treatments.

Roger B June 26 2015

New Life I really enjoyed my 90 minutes of a full body deep tissue message! I've NEVER felt better! Thanks to Victor!!!

Jacob H May 21 2015

Best Massage Victor knew exactly what my issues were and got right to it. One of the best massages i've ever gotten and finally someone who realized the pressure and spots needed for a tight individual like myself. Will def be going back

cindy h March 2 2014

1 hour message Excellent message,performed new stretching technique and explained the process and reason why my muscles were so tight. I will tell others about his services.

Lori M April 23 2015

Best Massage! Victor was professional and friendly. I will be going back for sure! You could tell he was experienced and I felt great afterwards. This was the first place I have gone for a massage where I felt like the massage therapist was extremely competent in massage therapy. Highly recommend!

Sam B June 15 2015

Hot stone My wife and daughter gave me a hot stone massage at Body & Soul Massage Therapy as a birthday gift in the midst of a high stress time in my life. It was fantastic. Victor worked out some deep knots and tensions in my muscles and the heat from the stones added a calming dimension to the process that helped me to feel completely loose and relaxed from head to toe. I highly recommend his services.

Jill H October 11 2013

1 1/2 Hour Massage by Victor Victor was waiting for me when I arrived. He gave me one on one instructions of what he would be doing during the massage. The room was quiet, relaxing and I felt completely at ease. Upon the completion of my massage I was relaxed and a very satisfied client. I would highly recommend Victor as a massage therapist.

Susan H September 26 2014

60 min deep tissue massage Victor did a great job - I'm a few weeks out from two ankle surgeries (+ a cold) and he took the time to make sure he worked the appropriate areas. This really was the first time I'd had someone work on my lower back and hips! It felt GREAT!! A great experience and I am ready for a 2nd(+) visit! Thanks again Victor!

Debra P February 11 2015

Awesome Had a great upper body 60 minutes massage. Wonderful

Jamie B June 9 2014

60 minute massage I thoroughly enjoyed this massage. It was relaxing and felt great!

Carolyn b December 17 2013

60 minute massage wonderful massage one of the best ever! Thanks.

Kaitie B July 2 2015

Great Job! Victor was very professionally and friendly. I enjoyed my massage and would definitely recommend to others!

Reina S February 27 2015

awesome I've had many many massages from various therapists trained in different styles and at various places. Victor is one of the best therapists I've had. His technique is impeccable and he really addressed my problem areas. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Bill P December 30 2013

Awesome Experience I had never had a massage before. Victor went through a number of things before the massage and the massage was great. All of my aches and pains were gone afterwards. I will definitely go there again.

KAREN K February 16 2015

Best masage of a lifetime He knew where to go to stretch and relieve tight spots and knew how to release my left hip. Hip hip horray.

Donna G January 6 2015

Best Massage I've Ever Had This was the best massage I have ever had. Victor found sore places I didn't even know I had. He is very skilled and does a great job. I have already recommended him to several people. Thank you, Victor. I'll see you soon.

Deanna B November 2 2013

Awesome! My experience at Body & Soul was very relaxing after working an 18 hour night shift. I look forward to my next visit!

Arlene S January 15 2014

90 minute deep tissue Very relaxing, good pressure for a firm massage. I feel great

Robert G March 1 2014

Awesome Service Awesome service and very personable since I walked into the door. Excellent massage and clean facility.

August 26 2013

Body and Soul Massage Therapy Victor provided an excellent massage! I came away much more relaxed and invigorated. Victor was very professional.

Lindsey B January 20 2015

Body and Soul Massage Therapy Review Victor is fantastic! He clearly articulated what his plans and intentions were based on my completed form. He was professional and serious about his work, while also being kind and considerate. The location is within a fitness complex, which was a little tricky at first, but this is indicated in the email confirming the appointment. Online scheduling is a huge plus, and he takes clients on very little notice. I wish he would take daily deals for current clients, but the website clearly states they are for new clients only.

September 4 2014

Body and Soul Massage Therapy I had a very relaxing and through massage with special attention focused on areas of tension. My massage therapist was knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable. I would definitely go back!!

Hunter April 21 2014

A very effective massage I went in for a massage in preparation for a half-marathon. Victor spent most of his time on my lower body with a special concentration on my IT band as I have ITB syndrome. I felt that he did a particularly excellent job on my IT band as I've been having fewer issues with it since the massage. The only non-positive to my massage was that he was a little too intense on my neck. My neck was quite sore for several days. Fortunately my legs were the important part and he did well there.

Dennis G March 26 2014

Completely Therapeutic Best massage since I left Boston in 2009. I get massages at the very least, monthly. Victor combines deep tissue with reflexology. I left my massage with the highest degree in body flexibility, feeling my muscles stretched but relaxed.

Tracy October 10 2014

deeeep tissue massage I asked for a deep tissue massage, and I got it! I have some major knots in my back, neck and arms, and Victor worked hard for the whole hour. He was really good -- I will be back!

MICHAEL O September 14 2013

Deep Tissue Massage Mr. Reyes offered a very firm full body massage, using a deep tissue base, but integrating other techniques. A very therapeutic, relaxing, and healing massage. Also, the environment is clean, inviting, and safe. I will return!!! A great experience!

Mithun kumar V November 13 2014

Deep Tissue Massage Neck and shoulder Massage -

August 30 2013

Deep tissue massage I have had professional massages before, but I was still impressed with Victors professionalism and excellence. He seemed purposeful and precise in his treatment. I would recommend it to anyone. I just bought one for my sister.

Lisa B October 21 2013

Excellent Fantastic massage and really concentrates on the knots that need to be targeted. I would definitely recommend Body & Soul Massage!

Karen L September 3 2013

Excellent One of the very best massages I have ever had. Strong hands, understanding and kind.

Thomas K September 16 2014

Excellent! I have an athletic build and I requested a firm massage. Victor did an excellent job!

Warren R May 2 2015

Excellent! I have a stressful job and I workout regularly as a way to escape the stress. While the workouts help me relax mentally, they don't help with the stress I carry in my muscles. I stumbled across Body & Soul at random and decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did! Victor gave me the best massage I have ever experienced! The atmosphere is calming and Victor provides an amazing massage. After just one session I already feel much more relaxed and I'm looking forward to my next massage - soon!

Danielle March 25 2015

Boston Ready I am currently training for the Boston Marathon and had been feeling beat up from my high mileage. Victor did a great job working out some rather large knots in my calves, which has greatly improved the range of motion in my ankles. My legs feel much more responsive and it has increased the quality of my long runs. Thanks Victor!

dianne d March 18 2015

dianne I was very pleased with my massage. More manipulation with the spine alignment than I have had in the past. For me that seemed to help my issues.

Amy W April 4 2014

Excellent fitness massage I've had a lot of massages in my day but Victor provided one of the best I've had to focus on my sore tight muscles. He provided great guidance after the service as well. I will definitely be back.

Stephanie T October 11 2013

Excellent job! Victor was very professional and provided an excellent massage. He is clearly well trained in the stretching and deep tissue bodywork I requested. I would recommend Body and Soul Massage!

Chris B February 3 2015

Excellent Massage Victor was great. I arrived just before my start time and Victor was ready and had everything in order. He asked me about specific trouble areas and took time to work through them. I have very tight muscles from working out and years of football and Victor helped work out many of the hot spots for me. I highly recommend his work.

Bob L September 19 2014

Deep muscle message Victor Reyes is excellent. Worked out some kinks in my upper body. I'll be back.

Kim S October 21 2013

Excellent massage! I had a deep tissue massage and Victor did a wonderful job. I didn't realize how much tendinitis I had in my forearms from keyboarding at work. I highly recommend him and I look forward to my next massage!

James C October 28 2013

Excellent Massage Therapist I would highly recommend Body & Soul Massage Therapy. I schedule a one hour deep tissue massage with Victor. The environment was perfectly suited - relaxing, inviting and soothing. Victor was very prompt, courteous and professional. His level of expertise as a well trained and skilled therapist was immediately evident. I will definitely return to Body & Soul Massage Therapy and would recommend it to anyone.

Jim R May 21 2014

Fabulous!! One of the best massages I've ever received. Victor is a kind man with a generous spirit. I am recommending all my friends to him, and wish they could all feel as wonderful as I do!

Bill D May 3 2014

Fantastic This was by far the best massage I have experienced. Victor has amazing technique and is very intuitive as he works tired, aching muscles. I left feeling like jello but refreshed too. I intend to return soon. Thanks Victor for providing a peaceful and relaxong atmosphere.

Roger K October 11 2013

First massage with Victor Yesterday was my first massage with Victor and I would give it very high praise. As a runner Victor knew the right combination of techniques to improve the feeling in my muscles as well as helping with some of the stress and tension areas. He was waiting in a very professional manner in the lobby when I arrived and provided a very complete and wonderful experience. I fully intend to become a regular customer.

Robert P October 15 2014

Fantastic Massage I went for a massage because I had sore legs, due in part to training that I am undergoing for a marathon. Victor provided an excellent massage that got rid of the soreness. I wholeheartedly recommend you to get a massage from him. I will definitely visit him again.

Chandra P May 23 2015

Finally relaxed....Ahhh! First time client. Excellent deep tissue massage. Finally, I was able to feel relaxed. Already scheduled a next appointment. You should to!

Fritz K September 21 2013

First time I was very satisfied with my initial experience. I am sorry that I was unable to relax to the level that would have helped and hope to do so in the future. I would be interested in the stretching that would be helpful. I felt that I was treated in a very professional manner. Thank you for your time.

Scott M February 11 2015

First Visit Warrants a Return I leveraged a Groupon to receive a massage from Victor. The location is convenient and in a nice facility. Victor asked me what amount of pressure I wanted and gave me exactly what I asked for. I would recommend his services to anyone.

Thomas C November 8 2013

First Visit with Body & Soul Victor was incredible in his thorough discovery of my issues and application of massage to relieve the stress and tightness. I will be back Victor and I can highly recommend him to everyone.

Inga K December 27 2013

good Great.

Cathy D September 1 2013

Good massage/stretch Therapist was very knowlegable. Accommodated special weak areas. Good deep tissue work

October 23 2013

great! I had a great massage with Victor. He is very knowledgable and professional. I felt so rejuvenated afterwards.

Jason P May 23 2014

Great Deep Tissue massage! This was my first massage from Victor, and I loved it. I'm a runner, and I don't stretch like I should, so the deep tissue and assisted stretching helped tremendously. I also work at a desk long hours, so the attention to my neck, shoulders and lower back felt great too. I will definitely return. Thanks Victor!

Anna S September 11 2014

Great Experience! Victor was extremely knowledagble and did a fantastic job. I will definitely be back!

Lex May 1 2014

Great experience! Victor is very professional and friendly. This was my first visit to a massage therapist and I had a great experience at B&S. I will definitely be back!

Anthony W October 19 2013

Great Massage As a runner, I walked out feeling like a had new body. Great environment (peaceful and relaxing). I definitely will be going back.

Kortney R September 9 2013

Great Experience! I had a great experience with Victor, very professional and effective, I feel great after my massage.

Luke B October 25 2013

Great first massage Great experience, clean environment, very professional for my first massage. Victor did great helping me relax. Listened to what was troubling me and did an excellent job focusing on those areas. As a runner, definitely plan on coming back!

Michael Irwin September 20 2013

Great Hands Victor was very professional and gave a great massage. He used multiple techniques that I had never experienced before. I will definitely schedule my next appointment soon!

Mark L October 16 2013

Great Massage I've been a long time waiting to have a full body deep tissue massage, and I was thankful that I made my appointment to see Body & Soul Massage Therapy. My massage therapist was very skilled and was able to remove a large portion of the knots I had all over my shoulders and legs. I direct a choir and doing so with those knots was getting difficult. Last week, after the massage, I directed and felt more like myself. I will need to schedule this more often!

May 22 2015

Relaxing Massage Victor did an excellent job relieving points of tension and stress. I left feeling refreshed and relaxed! I would definitely come back again.

Abraham S June 6 2015

Go See Victor! I saw Victor earlier this week for my very first massage with him. He's very welcoming, makes you feel at ease, and clearly knows what he's doing. Walking out I felt like all of my tension had been wiped away. I told Victor from the start that I was having some issues with my back and legs after beginning my marathon training again, and he was able to focus on them. I'll be back again soon!

Alison S March 26 2015

Great hot stone massage! Victor is very professional and helped create a relaxing environment! I've never had a hot stone massage before but I highly recommend it during the winter months! Victor really helped me relax and worked out the tension in my calves and back! I'd highly recommend him for anyone with tension or just looking for a relaxing self-care day!

Joe R October 24 2013

Great Massage Victor did a wonderful job. He worked the entire body thoroughly and maintained very consistent pressure the entire time. The atmosphere was pleasant and relaxing with soft, enjoyable music playing. I would definitely recommend Victor and his services!

Dana C August 31 2013

Great massage Professional, quiet, focused, and healing. Will return!

KB May 8 2015

Very professional Victor was great. He asked about any issues and areas of focus and he applied the proper amount of pressure. I definitely plan on visiting him again in the very near future.

Todd September 8 2013

Great massage The massage was great. Quite refreshing!

Tianna C January 26 2015

Great Massage I was given this massage as a birthday gift through Groupon. Victor was amazing! Felt very comforable and will defintely return.

Melissa September 14 2013

Great massage The massage was wonderful. I hope to be back in the future!

Kathy P December 25 2014

Great massage Victor does a great job of working for relief in problem areas. This is my second massage with him and I have been very pleased! Try it, you'll like it.

Terry P October 28 2014

Great Massage I had the pleasure of receiving a great massage when it was really needed. Victor worked his magic and I plan on sending my family members his way.

February 1 2015

Great Massage! Used a variety of techniques to really get to and massage out the tension points.

Ashley T August 15 2013

Great massage! Very professional and friendly! Good job!

Barbara B December 20 2013

Great Massage! Victor is a very good massage therapist. He identified problem areas in my neck, shoulders, and back and skillfully worked those areas so that I was pain free when he finished. Usually, I can count on being relaxed following a massage but Victor took it one step further by relieving the physical discomfort I was feeling.

Jeff S January 13 2014

Great Massage this Saturday Victor was great and thorough!

Theresa H April 27 2015

great massage - - Victor listens! Victor really focused on my trouble areas and did a great job of making the massage work for me

Jean Paul H May 15 2014

Great Value and Service I highly recommend Body & Soul Massage Therapy if you want a truly amazing experience that is well worth the money. My session from start to stop far exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend it to anyone!

aaron s December 31 2013

Great work! I have a few sports injuries that were addressed and feel better. More work is required but this certainly helped and would recommend to anyone needing work done.

January 25 2015

helpful sports stretch I felt quite better after walking in dysfunction for years after volleyball injuries and muscular imbalance. I especially found the shoulder mobility and hip stretches from different angles helpful. I will probably need a few more treatments to help my body re-learn correct patterns. Victor is very professional and I learned some tips from him.

Leigh B February 8 2014

Hot Rock Full Body Massage This was a gift and I did not know what to expect. Victor did a very good job. No talk, just massage, and that was OK with me.

Scott F March 12 2015

if you are a runner... I have a hard time believing there's anyone in Indy better than Victor, specially if you are a runner. A marathoner himself, he understands and treats the unique needs of a runner's body. I'm a smarter, less injury prone endurance athlete thanks to his treatment and expertise. I recommend him highly and without hesitation.

Julie G January 16 2015

Just what I needed As an over 40+ athlete, this massage was just the right amount of deep tissue and deep stretching. I would highly recommend. I'll be back! Victor knows his stuff.

Michael W October 1 2014

Knowledge / ability to apply strength. I met Victor through a discounted web site offer. I have been looking for someone that was able to provide for me, a male, the strength to reach deep into my tissue. Victor is very professional in every aspect and appreciates your limits. It is obvious that Victor is serious about his trade, knowledgeable about the body and desires to satisfy the client. Do yourself a favor and allow yourself to be submissive by allowing the tension to flow out of your body.

Donna K November 14 2014

Love it My body was so stressed out. Victor used just the right amount of pressure and movement. He worked on areas that were tight.

Cincy B September 2 2014

Massage My massage was great. I will return!

Sonal R April 23 2014

massage thank you so much for a great massage. i feel much better.

Jim July 16 2014

Massage Wow! Victor has restored my faith in massage therapy! After visiting yesterday, all I can say is THANK YOU, Victor! The massage that you customized for me was exactly what I needed. I left feeling completely relaxed and my legs have never felt better! I'm a big guy and struggle to find good massage therapy, but Victor created a massage that was designed just for me. I will visit every opportunity I get. Thanks again, and WOW! Still feeling relaxed and energized today!

September 16 2013

Massage Excellent! Professional, courteous, and concentrated on the problem areas. Stretching was a nice bonus!

November 15 2013

massage my massage was amazing! Great pressure!!!!

KEVIN H September 2 2014

Massage I have used Victor 2 times now for 60 minute deep tissue massages. He does a great job and I will certainly use him in the future. He understands what is needed and I know will help with my overall well being.

Alexander L October 11 2013

Massage It was a really good massage. The reason for taking off one star is my one hour massage lasted 50 min.

kellie t October 28 2014

massage Great massage today-Nice to have a runner who know's how to address the parts of your body that are most effected by your work out routine.

Roger W February 28 2015

Massage This fellow knows what he is doing! I need deep massage he intuitively knew it and delivered. Highly recommend!

Nancy M March 3 2014

Massage for Winter Relief Great massage. The setting is in a gym so you might want to couple it with a workout. Victor clearly understood what I requested and was considerate about conditions like arthritis.

Charles February 17 2014

Much-needed relief The deep tissue work and stretching loosened up some very stiff areas. I probably need to do this more regularly. Thanks for the hard work!

September 3 2014

Nice massage Victor is very plesant did a great job on my massage.

Barbara M January 31 2015

Massage I had a fantastic massage. He was very knowledgeable yet very friendly. I felt like he listened to my pain areas and concentrated on them yet covered my entire body.

September 4 2013

Outstanding! Victor did a great job working the kinks out of my traps and re stretching was an added bonus.

Amy R December 5 2013

Relax Very pleased with the services. Profession and courteous. I almost fell asleep and that right there was a good thing! Problem areas were addressed. Definitely will be returning.

Leigh R October 22 2014

Relaxing and I feel great! I've never gotten a massage before, and Victor did a fantastic job helping me relax. In the end I felt amazing!

Lorie P October 5 2014

Review Great massage.. Highly recommended.

Vincent S October 31 2014

Review of Massage Hey I give Victor major props. Compared to many other massages I've had from different places I have found on Groupon or Living Social, I think I have found where I will be signing up for more. The pressure was just right, a good stretch and all around a great massage. I will be back.

Anita M February 19 2015

Some needed therapy I scheduled an appointment with Victor two and a half weeks after straining my lower back rather severely. Victor's knowledge, expertise, and care for my delicate situation aided in what is now a full recovery. I am quite grateful. Victor also helped ease some issues I was having with tight IT band and leg muscles. And he did performed some techniques on my feet that were new to me. Pretty amazing! Thanks Victor!

Ron G April 21 2015

Sports massage. Review of Victor Reyes Went to Victor for a sports massage. I am a triathlete and I travel a lot for work. Victor incorporated stretching and deep tissue massage for just the perfect combination of pressures and stretches. I feel great and will most defenatley see him again!

Leatha D October 3 2013

stone massage great

Mary S February 3 2014

Swedish Massage This was the best massage I have ever gotten. Victor worked a long time on my neck, which relieved a great deal of my stress. However, the rest of the message was great too and I left wishing the 90 minutes could be 180. I will return to this very talented massage therapist.

GC October 17 2013

Swedish Massage Mr. Reyes is professional, courteous, and applied the right amount of pressure.

Scott D November 8 2013

Thanks Victor Great job! Feel like a new person.....

Mark August 17 2013

tremendous massage Victor does a very professional massage. He paid particular attention my neck which was great because I generally have sore muscles and tightness in that area. I did not ask him to do that, I think it was intuitive when he felt the tightness there. I look forward to returning.

Richard B December 20 2013

UNBELIEVABLE I received a certificate for a hot stone body massage at Body and Soul. I had the most wonderful massage. Victor was very professional and knows his trade. I never felt so rejuvenated after a massage. I visit Indianapolis from New York several times during the year and definitely will be sure to make other appointments when I visit. Highly recommend!

Aryn S November 17 2013

Victor is professional and skilled Victor is very professional, kind, and effective. He provided a thorough and enjoyable massage that deeply relaxed me. I will return to him in the future when I am in need of a massage therapist.

Nancy M February 16 2014

Victor Reyes Victor was fantastic. I was very sore from working out and had a few isolated issue, IT Band, sore knees, etc and Vistor took the time to work extra on those areas. I felt the best I have ever felt following a message and will go back soon. He really is a professional and knows his stuff.

Adrienne R October 15 2014

Victor's Massage Wonderful. Good hands, un-knotted each part he worked on. Strong but gentle massage, and a very nice guy !

Carolyn M December 5 2013

Victor's Title Should Be Master Knot Untier! Loved the deep massage that Victor gave me yesterday. I have A LOT of stress in my neck and shoulders, and he skillfully worked to help relieve the pain and pressure. Truly a great relief today. I'll be back to continue the work. Thanks Victor!

Julie R May 2 2014

will be back! Best "deep tissue" pressure I've experienced. Very professional yet warm therapist. I felt like the full hour was very thoroughly used, which is much appreciated!

Debra M February 18 2014

Will Return! After 17 years of not having a massage, my husband treated me to an hour massage with Victor. He immediately made me feel at ease with his energetic and professional personality. The room was very clean and the massage was amazing. I will definitely return!

January 12 2015

Wonderful This was my first ever professional massage. I didn't know what to expect. Wow! My mind was blown away. I left feeling like I was walking on a cloud. I will definitely be returning in the near future.

Mary L January 18 2014

Wonderful Massage This was my first deep tissue massage and you did a wonderful job of getting rid of my knots! I am sorry that I had such a hard time relaxing and letting you do your amazing work, but you had patients and perseverance a we made it through! I will recommend you to all my friends and family! Thanks again for a wonderful massage!

Debra F October 4 2013

Wonderful massage! Victor did an amazing job at stretching out my sore muscles and massaging deep to release the tension in my neck and back. Thank you!

Lauren D May 3 2015

Great Experience Victor was great. He was able to provide a massage that was more about the muscle and pain issues I had been having rather than a "spa" experience which is exactly what I needed. He was informative and helpful when discussing my issues. Highly recommended.

Perry M May 9 2013

Best I've found in a long time Get regular massages, always looking for that ultimate massage. Victor is right up there near the top. I like a deep massage, and he's strong enough, and plans this out well. I'll be a regular for the forseeable future.

Kela R May 10 2013

5 Star I would like to say that Body & Soul Massage Therapy is a very professional business. I purchased my massage on Groupon and Victor was able to take me an hour after I purchased the Groupon. I have purchased other groupon and was not able to get an appointment when it was needed one with other massage therapists. Victor did an excellent job with my massage. I will recommend him to my friends and family.

May 28 2013

Excellent massage for a great price He really listened to my massage needs and ensured I had a good experience. Also provided some stretches to help with my injury which was nice

Brigette May 13 2013

First Timer I was really nervous about my first massage, but it was super relaxing and it definitely will not be my last!

Linda S June 19 2013

Good Job----THanks Shoulder did not hurt this morning. Upper body feels good.

Ed B May 10 2013

Good massage therapy Professional, comfortable environment. Massage tailored to my specific problem spots. Already scheduled next appointments.

July 11 2013

Great massageo Great deep tissue massage with stretching.

Yontine C July 20 2013

Great service!! Very professional and I felt so relaxed!

Becky A July 6 2013

In good hand A really good massage today - very professional, comfortable and experienced provider. I feel Victor listened to what I wanted and to my body to provide an outstanding 90 minutes of comfort and relaxation.

Shawn S August 2 2013

I think I love my masseur! Lol! Yesterday was the first time I ever got a massage, my daughter purchased it for my birthday in march and I was waiting for the right time to get one...I have been so busy lately and was feeling heavy when I got there. Mr. Reyes greeted me at the door smiling and made me very comfy. During my massgae he was very careful to make sure all my private areas stayed private. It was wonderful! I immediately made another appointment for later this month. Thanks Mr.Reyes for your professionalism!

Jinger M May 10 2013

It was great! He massage the areas I was having problems with and listen to me .

Angie D July 8 2013

Just what I needed Victor was professional and courteous. He worked on my problem areas and I've never felt better. I will definitely be returning.

TJR August 5 2013

Massage Very good massage. Would recommend Victor. Music and people noise outside room deter from relaxation.

Mark K May 3 2013

massage very professional great work

Dan P May 28 2013

My first massage I received a 60 minute deep tissue massage as a gift and since this was the first massage I have ever received I was a bit nervous, not knowing what to expect. I was greeted by Victor Reyes and shown to a comfortable room with relaxing music playing. Victor put my anxiety to ease almost immediately as he began working on my head and shoulders. It was almost as if I could just feel the tension melting away. 60 minutes later I felt like a new man. I would highly recommend Victor's services and will no doubt be scheduling with him again soon.

July 26 2013

Relaxed & Rejuvenatedl I carry all of my tension and stress in my neck and back so needless to say I had a ton of knots in those muscle areas. Victor was very professional and proficient at tackling my problem areas and also relieving areas I was unaware of having knots. I had a deep tissue massage and although it has only been a day since my massage I feel so much more relaxed. I would highly recommend Body & Soul Massage Therapy.

Eric D August 2 2013

The Best! Victor is a true professional and gets results. He was able to relieve shoulder and neck tension that 2 chiropractors and physical therapy couldn't fix.

Kimberly J May 23 2013

Very Relaxing! Amazing, wonderful massage. The pressure was perfect and the setting very relaxing. Definitely going to make another appointment.

Sarah B May 22 2013

Wonderful experience! I was very comfortable and very relaxed. Victor was very thorough and worked hard on the target areas that we discussed before the massage began.

A Woods May 21 2013

Wonderful Massage Victor was wonderful. I have already scheduled my next appointment. He is professional, friendly, and an excellent massage therapist. I felt great afterwards as though he lifted all stress and anxiety. I also like the facility. It is not the typical spa atmosphere. I immediately knew I was seeing someone who takes his profession seriously and takes great pride in his work. I will be a regular.

SUSIE M August 12 2013

VERY IMPRESSED! Having had many, many massages over the years, I know when I've received a good professional one. It is very evident Victor has received excellent training and is a true expert in massage therapy. His attention to detail is flawless. I will be a returning patron. (The price is definitely right and you, no doubt, get your money's worth!)

Chris D August 6 2013

Body and Soul Massage therapy Victor is very professional-clean, nice environment. Filled out questionnaire to assess how to best meet my massage needs. Would reccommend

August 9 2013

Body & Soul Massage Therapy Excellent massage. A good combination of deep tissue and Swedish techniques. Works to tailor the massage to suit clients wishes and needs.

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